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How Are Walls Prepared for Vinyl Graphics and Murals?

How are walls prepared for vinyl graphics?Every once in a while, the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics like to pull back the curtain and show you how some of our jobs are really done. As a discerning customer, you are sure to appreciate knowing some of the steps for adding vinyl graphics and murals to walls in San Clemente, CA. After all, the finished products look great – but how do we get from a concept to a beautiful wall display?

It Starts with the Client Consultation

This is the most important part of the mural design process. Our graphic artists collaborate with your management team to develop a look that markets your brand, advertises your company or just looks great in your space. Whether you are hoping for a total transformation or for an added style element that drives home your overall atmosphere, this product solution delivers.

Challenges our Technicians Address

Wall Murals San Clemente CA

We visit your location for a site survey. Part of the reason is to take measurements. Measuring twice and cutting once is one saying that we always abide by. Another reason is the investigation of the target wall. One of the manufacturers we use frequently, 3M, has released an instruction bulletin that cautions technicians to be well aware of the wall conditions they are facing.

For example, we need to know if the mural goes on an interior or exterior wall. Weather conditions make a huge difference in the product we choose and the techniques we use during the installation process. Next, we look at the texture. Although we gladly install murals to all types of substrates, smooth walls are the easiest to work with while some textures dictate the use of different film types. Even painted walls have their challenges. Oil-base paints have a different effect on the process than water-base products. This is also the time to verify that the paint has cured completely.

How are Walls Prepared for Vinyl Graphics and Murals in San Clemente, CA?

Wall Graphics San Clemente CA

We start with a thorough cleaning. On the exterior, we use a pressure washer to ensure completely removal of debris. Inside walls usually only need a good washing down. We let the wall dry completely before we proceed. Next, we test the adhesion of the film to the wall. If the product adheres well to the surface, we know that we have chosen the right film and proceed with the manufacture of the mural.

Next, we install the mural pieces. Whole-wall murals usually come in strips. When the panels a long rather than wide, we opt for the horizontal hinge method. Then, we separate the liner from the actual film featuring the mural. Now, we carefully roll back the liner while keeping the tension on the film to prevent the formation of air bubbles. A squeegee helps with this as well. Gradually, we remove more and more of the liner as more and more of the mural adheres to the wall. On textured walls, we eventually use a heat gun to promote complete adhesion of the film. In the process, we carefully match seams to create a perfect look.

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