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High Impact Illuminated Lobby Signs

Your Lobby Sign is Your Brand

The word ‘Brand’ is one of those words that has many meanings, and in fact, its meaning continues to evolve.  From the perspective of a potential client entering your office, lobby or reception area, your lobby sign is your brand, and it may be the source of the initial impressions that a client forms.  Excellent lobby sign design can lead to a specific perception in clients’ minds concerning the quality and professionalism of your services and products.  With that in mind, one way to create effect is through the use of high impact illuminated lobby signs.  Continued advances in LED technologies, digital fabrication methods, and cutting edge architectural materials combine to allow the design and fabrication of all manner of illuminated lobby signs.

Why Illuminated Lobby Signs?

First, why illumination, and why LEDs?  Human visual perception is clearly influenced by light, and specifically, by contrast in various intensities and colors of visible light.  The proper use of illumination serves to highlight the portions of a logo, sign or tagline in a way that draws our eye and engages our thought process.  And with the extremely small size of LEDs that are available today, variations in lighting are able to be applied with fine detail.  Further, the combination of LED illumination with architectural materials – such as glass, acrylic, and polished or brushed metals – allows for very interesting combinations of dimension and texture.  And as today’s LED modules have not only decreased in size, they have dropped in price, allowing for a lower initial investment.  Because LEDs involve low voltage technology, they are easy to install, and they require very little power.

Types of Illuminated Lobby Signs

There are three general types of illuminated lobby signs, as discussed below:


Halo-Illuminated Lobby Signs

These types of signs are typically installed with stand-offs and spacers, so there is a 1-2” gap between the back of the sign and the wall.  This allows for LED illumination from the back of the sign onto the wall, creating a halo effect on the wall.  Halo illumination may be used either for individual letters, or for panels.  Halo illuminated signs may be individual letters, or combinations of letters and sign panels.

Illuminated Lobby Sign, LED Illumination, Custom Lobby Sign

Remarkable Smiles illuminated lobby sign.

Reverse-Cut ‘Push Through Acrylic’ Style Signs

These types of signs have a face that is routed through in the shape of text and symbols, with a translucent material (such as acrylic) applied to the back of the sign panel, and ‘pushing through’ the reverse cut areas.  Illumination is accomplished from within the sign, allowing the light to diffuse through the translucent material and be viewed from both the face of the sign and the edges of the acrylic protrusions.  This provides a three-dimensional effect, ensuring great visibility.


Combination Signs

As some of our examples illustrate, combinations of halo, face and edge illumination are possible, increasing the scope for custom design to generate something that uniquely represents your brand.

Push through acrylic, LED illumination, halo illuminated sign, illuminated lobby sign

Illuminated push through acrylic sign.

At Starfish Signs & Graphics, all of our designs are custom, and our designers love to work with clients to create stunning and compelling illuminated lobby signs.  Contact us today for a free consultation with a designer about your lobby sign project.