Halo-Lit Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Halo-Lit Lobby Sign Shines at Halyard Health in Irvine CA

Located at 43 Discovery in Suite 100, Halyard Health is familiar to many business customers as the former Kimberly-Clark Health Care Company. Halyard is in the business of medical technology and its broad range of applications in the health care field. It is the company’s expressed goal to move the quality of health care forward by eliminating pain, preventing infections and hastening recovery.

Branding with a Lobby Marker

Halo-Lit Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Halo-lit lobby signs attractive and professional.

Branding this mission with healthcare lobby signs for Irvine, CA, would not be easy, which is why the company’s management team called in Starfish Signs & Graphics. Our experts routinely work with company representatives to put concepts into a tangible form that then serves wayfinding, marketing and branding purposes. When we did a site survey at Halyard, the gorgeous wavy wall backdrop that the foyer features stunned us.

Taking inspiration from the nautical theme, we created a boxed metal marker that is halo-lit with LEDs. Mounting it to the waves of the wall was a snap with standoffs. When the lights are switched on, the signage product seems to float above the wall. Combine this with the stylized sails of the sign’s logo portion, and the impression of a boat moving forward is complete. This ties in beautifully with the company’s mission. The sign presents with a surefire wow factor.

Adding Lights to the Lobby Setup

In the past, the majority of lobby signs was unlit. Materials usually included foam, acrylic or metal. Dimensional letters were the products of choice. In recent years, this trend has shifted to include acrylic logo panels and wall murals or graphics. The halo-lit lobby signs Irvine, CA, members of the business community are now commissioning is a new trend that is quickly gaining traction.

  • Additional illumination. Foyers routinely rely on artificial light for brightness. Having a lit lobby marker makes therefore good sense since it is easy to incorporate its appearance into the overall lighting scheme of the space.
  • Dramatic display. Of course, the addition of light to any marker opens the doors for a dramatic presentation. In the case of Halyard, the halo effect is further enhanced by the unique makeup of the wall surface. In other settings, it is the combination of lit areas and shadows that increased letter depth brings outs.
  • Attention getter. Lit signage gets attention. This is true for any type of signage product. When you select lighting components for your reception area’s marker as well, the eyes of visitors are automatically drawn to the product. This ensures that your branding and marketing messages are seen. In turn, this leads to the creation of brand awareness and name recognition.

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