GE Wall Sign Project from Signs from Starfish Signs and Graphics in Orange County

GE Corporate Event at the St. Regis

Corporate events provide excellent opportunities for companies to celebrate their past successes and to begin chapters of new success.  Many companies and businesses enjoy holding their corporate events at the St. Regis in Dana Point, a luxurious coastal resort. The St. Regis has many spacious ballrooms, dining rooms, and meeting areas to hold the grandest of corporate events.

Some of the largest companies and businesses in the world use the St. Regis to hold their corporate events because of its location, size, pristine staff, and 5 Star services. When it comes to corporate events the St. Regis of Monarch Beach knows how to make employees feel like celebrities walking down the red carpet.


Recently, the world-wide company of GE (General Electric)held a corporate event at the St. Regis. Starfish Signs & Graphics was called into action for creating the events’ signage that lined the walls, mirrors, doors and hallways of the St. Regis in preparation of the large event.

Most of these large graphics were printed on vinyl and then applied to the walls, hallways, and doors. All the graphics had a purple color scheme mixed with a light variety of other colors that garnished the interior leading to the rooms of where the event took place. Our experienced installers took the necessary time to install each graphic with precisions. Check out the photos below of the graphics that Starfish printed and installed.

Here at Starfish Signs & Graphics in San Clemente, we have extensive experience with corporate events signage, as we work often with the St. Regis of Monarch Beach. We have the skills and materials needed to create the special corporate event atmosphere that starts before entering the event room itself. Contact Us today to see how we can transform your corporate event atmosphere starting with its signage to make you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.

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