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Find Your Zen Adds Karma with Dimensional Letter Building Sign

Find Your Zen combines yoga instruction with nutrition coaching. Championing lifestyle changes that are achievable, this business believes that altering your fitness level and caloric intake gradually makes the most sense. More and more consumers swear by this approach and head over to 2744 East Coast Highway for appointments. To engage visitors and longtime clients, Find Your Zen needed signage that would make the locale easy to find and start a conversation with those coming for help. This is when Starfish Signs & Graphics got the call.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Corona Del Mar, CA

Exterior Building Signs Corona Del Mar CA

The atmosphere of the yoga and nutrition studio makes it clear that the signage would have to be as eclectic as the company’s business model. Our graphic artists visited with the management team and looked over the artwork that the business already had on file. After our consultation, it was clear that dimensional letters would be ideal for the location. We manufactured them to match the different fonts and colors shown on the website.

Business owners have had excellent success with the repetition of the online look on a building signage product. Consumers who may have only interacted with the company online instantly recognize the location and know that they have come to the right place. In addition, the use of larger dimensional letters, which we mounted above the domed windows, helps the signage to act as a beacon for consumers.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Corona Del Mar CA

No illumination was needed for these letters. We mounted the letters with offsets, which allows the sunlight to create an attractive display of shadow play, depending on the position of the sun. In a strip mall setting where the majority of adjacent businesses have positioned their signage below the large windows, Find Your Zen clearly stands out.

Are Dimensional Letters Right for You?

Remember that your exterior signage must be a wayfinding tool for consumers but also succeed at branding your business. What does your current setup say about your business? Does it portray you as a thought leader in your niche? Does it highlight your approach to customer service? Do the individual marker components hint at the creativity that makes you stand out from the competition? If you are not sure, invite us over for a site survey. Dimensional letters may be your ideal signage product.

Exterior Signs Corona Del Mar CA

  • Multiple color options. Do not limit yourself to just one color. Display your company’s name in its specialty font and vibrant colors while also showing off your tagline or motto. When combined, both are powerful branding tools.
  • Lighting is possible. Some dimensional letters may be lit up with separately installed LEDs. Our technicians gladly give you more information on this option for your façade.
  • Material choices. The material you select tells consumers a lot about your business. Metal bespeaks longevity of a company while colorful acrylics point to a business within an artistic niche or to a company that is not afraid to think outside of the box for unique solutions. Foam lends itself to dramatic displays that incorporate lights and shadows. It is one of the most commonly chosen materials for exterior building signs in Corona Del Mar, CA.

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