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Find Out How ‘ADA Signs’ Affect Your Business

The term ‘ADA Signs’ refers to business signage that meets the high requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Included in the bill, among other guidelines, are rules for creating business signage that gives disabled Americans the same ability to navigate and use facilities in commercial businesses as any other customer would have. Signs that are considered ‘architectural,’ in that they are permanently attached to the building and direct or inform about functional spaces (bathrooms, exits, etc.), are included in the regulations. It’s important to note that promotional signs, advertising signs, company logos or signs not permanently installed on the building are exempt from complying with the ADA.

As most people know, ADA signs are required to have Braille so that individuals who are blind are able to read them. However, there are many other criteria that go into ADA signs before they are considered compliant. ADA signs are required to have a certain amount of contrast in the colors used on them and there are strict guidelines for the typefaces, or fonts, which have to be used. While the law states that businesses can comply with these signage requirements in a timeline that doesn’t cause ‘unnecessary hardship’ on the business, failure to comply with these laws in a reasonable amount of time can result in a fine or legal action.

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