Fantastic Signage Starts With Turnkey Project Management

My wife Laura and I founded Starfish Signs & Graphics in June 2012.  Since then, we have fully immersed ourselves in all aspects of custom sign fabrication and installation. We learned a lot about how to provide our customers quality signage from start to finish, and thought you’d like to take a peek into how we do that.

Our Turnkey Process

All sign projects begin with excellent design. The Starfish design team listens to your vision and provides you with a concept.  Following your approval of the proofs, the Operations Team executes the vision with the goal to exceed customer expectations. Next our team makes sure the signage is compliant with City Planning and Code Requirements, and pulls all necessary permits. Once we have design and permitting in place, we finalize the material specifications. We want to ensure that the finished sign delivers many years of visibility and durable service for your business.


 Experienced in Complex Project Management

It is during the design-fabrication-permitting-installation steps that I get to use my background in complex project management.  Prior to Starfish, I spent many years in Operations, Engineering and Quality Management in the Electronics, Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical industries. I didn’t realize that I’d be able to call on that background so often with Starfish. But building a high-quality custom sign requires attention to detail throughout the entire process.  So does building high tech manufacturing facilities in Korea, China and Japan – something that I have done on multiple occasions (And you thought Los Angeles or San Diego City permitting processes were difficult)!

Kidding aside, the Starfish Team loves challenging and complex projects, and my background in engineering, materials, and construction has proven to be of benefit to our customers.  And although the Sign Industry does not have the equivalent of my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Starfish Signs is fully licensed by the State of California (CA Contractor’s License #1005307) for electrical sign installations.

At Starfish Signs, you will work with great Designers, a responsive Customer Service staff, and an experienced Operations Team.  Our creative team will ensure great design, and you’ll even get a little extra engineering as well.

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