Channel Letter Signs South Orange County CA

Exterior Sign Choices for South Orange County CA

Your business needs excellent exterior signs. For South Orange County, CA, companies, this usually refers to monument signs, channel lettering, sandblasted products and building signs. What are your options?

Monument Signs Appeal to Motorists

Monument Signs South Orange County CA

The monument sign has evolved since its beginnings as a brick and mortar landscape addition that featured dimensional letters. Nowadays, you may choose a brick setup or opt for a foam product that is pre-formed and fits beautifully into contemporary settings. Additional choices include custom-made signs such as stone monuments, plaques, and aluminum panels. Since the idea behind the sign installation is the ability of motorists to note the location of the business, adjust the driving speed, change lanes and ultimately pull into the parking lot, facings usually consist of easy-to-read channel or dimensional letters as well as reader boards with box cabinets.

Channel Letters Allow Your Font to Drive Name Recognition

Channel Letter Signs South Orange County CA

Using your specialized font is simple when you commission channel letters. This product is customarily installed directly to your building’s façade although you might also ask us to attach it to a monument sign. Choose from lit or unlit versions. Even here, you have additional choices. Front lit letters allow light to escape through colorful polycarbonate facings, which make your colors pop. Backlit letters succeed at the creation of a halo effect, which gives your lettering an elegant appearance. A combination of both gives you a unique look but results in a minor illumination strength loss.

Sandblasted Signs Add Sophistication and a Small Town Feel to a Venue

Sandblasted Signs South Orange County CA

The sandblasting process removes the high-tech appearance of LED-lit, glossy aluminum signage. Although there is nothing low-tech about the manufacture of the product, these signs are ideal for displays in historic parts of town and in areas where city officials want to maintain a small-town feel even as glass and chrome business facades are just a few blocks away. Opt for sandblasted building signs, monument fronts or street markers. Also, these signs display well when installed perpendicular to the wall. In this manner, they mimic the venue shingles that made medieval Spanish business districts famous.

Additional Building Signs for Your Company

We have already discussed the use of channel letters and sandblasted signs for your storefront or office’s façade. Did you know that you have further options that may be more suitable for you?

  • Dimensional letters. Choose from metal, acrylic or foam letters that spell out the name of your company. Illumination is possible from within, such as when opting for stainless steel fabricated letters, or via external sources. Some business clients install building spotlights or landscape lighting to achieve this goal.
  • Box cabinets. Manufactured from aluminum with polycarbonate facings, these lit or unlit signs allow for the display of additional information such as professional affiliations or memberships.
  • Aluminum panels. We frequently create these boards with digitally imprinted vinyl overlays. They sometimes take up half the height of the façade. In so doing, they offer you plenty of space for a customized display of your company’s name and logo as well as any niche information you would like consumers to know of. Breweries and tourist area gift boutiques frequently favor this setup.

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