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Exterior Bronze Plaque and Frosted Vinyl Windows Help The Smart Circle Stand Out!

Exterior Bronze Plaques Newport Beach CACustomer acquisition is the major focal point for the Smart Circle. Meeting revenue goals and the building of strong brands is not something that is easily done via the Internet. It calls for the personal touch. This is why the company champions the setup of independently owned corporate distributors that handle the face-to-face aspect of the business. A business model that is this unique and well-defined calls for a branding method that is in step with its progressive nature. When the Newport Beach location threw open its doors, its management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to stand out.

Interior Vinyl Cling and Exterior Bronze Plaques for Newport Beach, CA

Privacy is a big deal in this business. In addition to keeping unwanted eyes out, it helps clients and staff members to focus better on the best ways to reach private and commercial customers. Making your windowpanes look as though they were frosted at the glass shop is a major goal that our graphic artists endeavor to reach. In the case of the Smart Circle, the resulting look was exceptionally well done.

Newport Beach Bronze Plaques

The building signage, too, needed to stand out. After all, a unique business model calls for an exterior marker that can keep pace. The client selected a bronze plaque that displays the company’s name and logo in a highly unusual manner. Adding it to the façade called for a change in the flora that was growing up the brick wall. Cutting out a circle – what else? – to fit in the plaque was the ideal display setup. The plaque’s backdrop texture enhances the beauty of the polished components.

Is Your Exterior Signage as Unique as Your Business Model?

Exterior Metal Plaques Newport Beach CA

Blending in is great when you want to fit right into the strip mall setting. Yet when you have a business model that is vastly different from that used by your competition, you will not make a big splash by fitting in. No! Standing out is the name of the game and we can help.

Frosted Vinyl Window Cling Newport Beach CA

  • Material selection. What is the material selected by your competition? If acrylic-clad foam is the norm, go with metal-clad foam instead. When your competitors use flat-cut acrylic letters, opt for cast plastic letters with prismatic faces instead. In short, fit the niche profile but stand out to consumers.
  • Color options. Bright colors are all the rage but dark colors have their day, too. Properly lit and accessorized, they are better at demanding attention simply because they are so unusual. We frequently work with companies that are re-branding to a new look simply because the competition is getting too plentiful. This is one way to stand out.
  • Mounting choices. When everyone else attaches their signage directly to the façade, consider the merits of a shingle-style arm and hook setup. Grabbing the eye in a sea of wall-mounted markers does not have to be complicated.

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