3D Letter Building Signs South Orange County CA

Examples of Dimensional Letter Building Signs in South Orange County CA

How do you differentiate your business from the one that is next door? How can you stand out and provide directional assistance to consumers while branding your company’s approach to doing business? The answer is simple: dimensional letter building signs. For South Orange County, CA, it is one of the favored exterior signage solutions.

The Gratitude Garden Preschool in San Clemente

Dimensional Letter Building Signs South Orange County CA

Located at 92 Avenida La Pata, this school caters to the youngest set of students. The curriculum focuses on a multi-faceted approach to education that takes into consideration emotional, social and academic needs. When this school needed a building sign, it contacted our specialists to create dimensional letters that imitate the font used on the website. The dark gray letters expertly contrast against the light beige building surface. Since we used standoffs to mount them, they cast a minute shadow, which heightens the visual appeal of the sign.

Find Your Zen in Newport Beach

Building Sign Letters South Orange County CA

Situated at 2744 East Coast Highway #7, Find Your Zen offers a broad range of Yoga classes that fit your schedule. Combined with nutrition coaching, the center focuses on a whole-body approach to wellness. On its website, the company displays a white and green name display. For its studio’s façade, this business owner decided to go with a gray and green look. The dark gray of the letters looks fantastic against the backdrop of the light gray façade. It frames the green lettering that shows in the middle of the three text lines. Since there is also a slight font change, the sign does an excellent job of creating an impressive display. We mounted these letters with larger standoffs to affect a strong shadow play.

Shoreline Dental Studio in San Clemente

3D Letter Building Signs South Orange County CA

Patients visit Shoreline Dental at 122 Avenida Cabrillo. The building’s façade is white and presents with a Spanish architectural influence. Signage for this type of structure usually calls for thin lettering to augment the lines of the façade. We spelled out the company’s name in blue-gray lettering. The logo portion of the sign is right above the lettering. Using longer standoffs, we ensured that the right sunlight exposure would result in a shadowing display that catches the eye and gives the illusion of a larger display.

Ordering Dimensional Letter Building Signs in South Orange County, CA

When you discuss your signage needs with our graphic artists, we get to work on sketches that show you what the finished product would look like before you commit to the product. That said, during our initial consultation, we usually work with you to discover the right material selection as well as the ideal color setup.

While most companies like to mimic the looks of their online name and logo displays, others are hoping for something completely different. Whether you fall into the first category or the second, let us help you choose the material – acrylic, metal or foam? – that best brands your company. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your project.

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