Swimming Pool Safety Signs San Clemente CA

Do You Have Pool Safety Signs for Your Hotel or Community?

One of the most beloved amenities at a hotel, gated community or apartment complex is the pool. Decisions to buy or rent in one of these venues are frequently made based on the availability of this feature. At the same time, they are also one of the most dangerous areas – particularly for children. When you are a property manager or owner, you need the right combination of pool safety signs. For San Clemente, CA, locations, our graphic artists specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of a broad range of products.

State the Rules

Swimming Pool Safety Signs San Clemente CA

Since lifeguards are not on the premises for a community pool, help residents to follow the rules of safe pool usage. Spell out behaviors that are forbidden. Explain how to use the amenities as intended. This is particularly important when you include a spa or allow residents to bring in friends. When you have had a fence installed that prevents children from accidentally running up to the pool and falling in, require that the gate be closed at all times. Excellent signage options include vinyl-clad aluminum signs and digitally imprinted PVC markers. Commission multiple signs and install one on each pool gate as well as one near the pool and another one around the spa area.

Limit Access and Offer Emergency Information

Pool Safety Signs for Hotels in San Clemente CA

Going beyond the basic rules of using any feature is always a good idea. Limiting access to a group of authorized individuals also cuts down on the potential for the amenity’s misuse. We have worked with property owners who combined signage stating pool rules but also limiting access to residents during certain hours of the day. Concurrently, emergency advice urges users to call first responders in case of an accident.

While this may sound like an obvious choice, remember that in the case of an emergency, folks do not always think clearly. Spelling out the instructions and posting the property address is an excellent way of assisting in a moment when seconds count. Aluminum with a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay works well. The same is true for an acrylic board using vinyl for the message. This is a good option for the pool of an upscale hotel where the board may color-coordinate with the surroundings.

Mitigate the Potential for Liability

Pool Safety Signs San Clemente CA

Property owners and managers understand the liability that comes with offering an amenity such as a pool. When we discuss signage needs with these clients, they frequently ask if there is a way to mitigate the potential for liability. While there is no hard and fast rule, abiding by the governing safety laws put in place by the state is a good place to start. Adding appropriate signage to ensure proper use of the pool by only authorized residents is another step.

Ordering Swimming Pool Signs in San Clemente, CA

The professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics are passionate about keeping children safe around water. Our technicians gladly come out for a signage consultation to offer you suggestion with respect to the placement of signs that discuss pool safety rules, behavior guidelines and usage limits. We point out areas where these signs could be displayed for maximum effectiveness. Call us today to get started on this process.

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