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Design Considerations and Selection of Materials for Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are very effective for branding your reception area, lobby, or building entrance.  Properly done, they provide immediate impact and create a specific impression in the mind of your clients, visitors and employees.  The impact and objective may vary depending on the nature of your business, but in general, businesses want to communicate a message of trust, professionalism and creativity. For your lobby sign to make an impact, you need to match your brand with the right design, sizing, and materials. This posts reviews just some of the best practices and options from which you can choose.

What is the starting point for designing a compelling lobby sign?

When designing a compelling lobby sign, your logo is the first and most important component of the lobby sign.  Some signs also include taglines, or names of business professionals (as in the case of medical offices), but the primary focus is on your logo.  Our designer begins with your logo, as a vector art file (typically Adobe Illustrator), and prepares layouts and concepts for your review.

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What is the right size for my lobby sign?

We start with a very rough rule of thumb when deciding the right size for a lobby sign (subject to many exceptions!). Lobby signs are about one-half the width of the wall where the sign is installed. If you have a 10-foot-wide wall, we start with a 5-foot-wide sign. But our designers will consider where and how the sign will be viewed, the size of the room, traffic patterns, and your furniture, such as reception counters or desks.

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What materials are used for lobby signs?

Unlike outdoor signage, lobby signs are not exposed to the elements, which allows us the use of a wider range of materials and a variety of methods of construction. Materials used for lobby signs can include metals, specialty woods, acrylics, other plastics, and more.  The most commonly used materials include aluminum, acrylic and wood since they are easily routed to shape, readily accept paint and other finishes, and result in a high-quality finished sign.Rincon

Can I use a vinyl decal applied directly to the wall in my lobby?

You can use a vinyl decal applied directly to the wall, but we recommend digitally printed graphics for very large images – think of it as custom wall paper.  Using a vinyl decal results in a flat, two-dimensional image, without significant depth or texture. For lobby signs, depth and texture will add to the visual interest.  On occasion, a dimensional logo or lobby sign may be used in combination with digital wall graphics.

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How do I achieve depth with a lobby sign?

One method for achieving depth with your lobby sign involves the use of routed or fabricated dimensional letters.  The letters and icon elements of your logo are cut from materials like acrylic, aluminum or PVC, often in depths of ¼”, ½” or thicker.  These fabricated pieces are then flush mounted to the wall, or mounted off the wall using standoffs – standoffs help the sign float off the wall – creating even more depth and visual interest.

A second method involves applying letters and icon elements of your logo to a clear or frosted acrylic or glass panel, and then mounting the panel using standoffs.  This approach works well for intricate logos, or for highly textured wall surfaces.

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There are so many choices – how do I get started?

Call Starfish Signs & Graphics at 949-429-6700 and speak to one of our experienced sign designers.  All our signs are custom designed and fabricated, to ensure they faithfully represent your brand and your message.  We will work with you to determine the right style for your brand, your office and your budget.  From the custom colors in your brand, to the specific architectural features in your office, to the message you want your visitors to experience, we will design a sign that is perfect for you.

In the end, it is our goal to install a sign in your office that helps you to Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results!