CNC Router Brings Endless Possibilities to Our Signage Solutions


Our CNC Router engraving letters into a Baltic Birch sign for The Cellar. See the finished product in the gallery below.

What are you imagining for your new office sign? Maybe engraved Baltic Birch on an interior sign? Or perhaps a sign with dimensional aluminum lettering? How about a modern, brushed aluminum sign mounted with stand-offs onto a reclaimed wood wall? If you can dream it, we can do it, thanks to our brand new Computer Numeric Controlled Router. This machine gives us the capability to fabricate many kinds of custom signs right in our own facility.

What is a Computer Numeric Controlled Router?

A CNC Router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that can be used on all sorts of materials, including woods, metals, plastics and foams. Because it is computer driven, rather than driven by hand, it is accurate to 0.001”. The router connects with Adobe design files to cut out the most intricate shapes, including logos, emblems, and even cursive fonts. Our router moves over a 5’ x 10’ bed, meaning that we’re not limited to small cutting—we can also handle large letters and shapes.

How does a CNC Router Benefit our Customers?

The fact that we can do such custom, intricate work right in house benefits our customers in three key ways:

  1. Speed—in many cases we can go from approved proofs to finished installed signs within one week.
  2. Quality—because we handle every step of the process in house—design, fabrication and installation—we can ensure that the quality of every sign that we make will meet your standards and ours.
  3. Innovation—we are able to easily experiment with different materials and combinations of materials. That idea we gave earlier — brushed aluminum sign on a black acrylic panel mounted on reclaimed wood– not only is possible, but we are readily able to prepare prototypes for you to demonstrate different designs and concepts.

What Types of Work Have We Done with the Router So Far?

In our first two months with our new router, we have already made some pretty cool signs. Here are some of the highlights:

At Starfish Signs, our unofficial motto is “if it’s not illegal, unsafe or unethical, give it a try.” We’re excited about our new product and we want to help you and your business develop the sign of your dreams. Contact us to learn more.


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