Trade Show Displays San Clemente CA

Clear Solutions Trade Show Displays Highlight at Recent Expo!

Loyal readers of this blog are sure to remember the acrylic lobby sign we recently manufactured for Clear Solutions. It perfectly helped the fluid handling products giant to brand its company and wow visitors in the process. Next, we were called back to create trade show displays that would represent the business at an upcoming trade show.

Trade Show Displays and Graphics for San Clement CA


Trade Show Displays San Clemente CA

Amazing displays designed to match your corporate colors and logo!

Trade show displays have three primary functions.

  1. Attract attention.
  2. Pique the interest of attendees.
  3. Create a need.

The trick to exhibition signage is the creation of a display that tells visitors about the company’s position as a thought leader in its niche without giving away too many details. Interactions with staff members and company representatives provide the details that an interested attendee craves. From there, it should be clear that the company is the one source for filling the need the attendee just realized he had.

For Clear Solutions, our graphic artists created two posters and a table runner. Our technicians worked closely with the company’s representatives to present their information in a manner that maximized the available space. Did you notice that the company’s colors and logo are easily seen from anywhere near the setup? Product images and detailed information requires the attendee to step closer to the display, which allows for personal interaction.

Evaluating Your Display

How does your setup stack up? Are your logo and company’s name clearly visible? Do you provide information that leaves the visitor just curious enough to interact with your company’s representatives? Moreover, are your displays on the cutting edge and in excellent repair?

Although it is not a problem to show up with displays that are a year old – in some cases even older – it is vital that these displays are as relevant today as they were when you originally commissioned them. For example, if you are in the technology sector, be mindful that the technology may have already moved on. Unless your niche display is truly timeless, do not lose your spot as a thought leader by displaying outdated information for the sake of saving a bit of money.

Putting Together Your Look

The professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics understand the importance of relevance. We help you to decide which displays will be suitable for the next expo and which ones need to be updated. In addition, we show you examples of the latest display trends that your competitors are using. While it is not necessary to keep up with the Joneses, it pays to be at the forefront of a trend or buck it in a spectacular fashion. Anything less puts you in danger of simply fitting in but not standing out.

For more information on trade show displays and graphics in San Clemente, CA, contact our technicians today. We gladly schedule a client consultation and help you to find your look without breaking your budget. Due to our quick turnaround time, you have a great opportunity of attending the next event with your new gear ready to go.

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