LED Lighting vs. Fluorescent Lighting

Choosing the Right Lighting: LED vs. Fluorescent Lighting

There used to be a time when fluorescent lights were your only option for illuminating signs. With the advent of LEDs, you now have the option of greatly enhancing the longevity of your bulbs while cutting the overall costs of illumination. Some business owners are not yet certain that this product is right for them. To make the decision easy on you, our technicians have put together must-know information on LED vs. fluorescent for your businesses lighting in San Clemente.

Long-lasting and Efficient

LED Lighting FactsSource: Greentech Efficiency

LED tubes have a life span that is double that of fluorescent bulbs. That said, the average fluorescent bulb lasts at least ten times as long as your standard incandescent bulb. If you are still using those, then stepping up to fluorescents sounds like a good deal – until you consider the efficiency of the output. LEDs beat fluorescent as well as incandescent bulbs.

See this amazing video: The Race: SignBOX II vs. Fluorescent by SloanLED:

Visually Pleasing and Safe to Dispose Of

Fluorescent Lighting vs. LED Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights are notorious for flickering. In fact, this is one of their attributes that is showcased time and again in B movies where the director tries to set the scene of a desolate hotel in the middle of nowhere. Is this really what you want your signage to say about your business?

In addition, the glow that these bulbs give off tends to bathe everything in a harsh light. For the hotel or restaurant where the setting matters, this is not a good match. On top of that, fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and phosphor, which require special handling during disposal. LEDs provide a safe light source that illuminates without casting a dreary flicker.

Repairs are Less Expensive

LED Lighting vs. Fluorescent Lighting

LED Lighting

Part and parcel of ordering a sign is the maintenance that goes along with having it on your property. Periodic cleaning or upkeep is a given. Yet when something is wrong with the illumination, LEDs are easier on the pocket book. If the bulbs have burned out, replacement is quick and easy. There is no hazardous waste disposal fee. As well, if there is a problem at the light source, the replacement units are inexpensive.

When using the fluorescent bulb, any savings you might realize from the purchase of these cheap light sources goes by the wayside when you pay for the hazardous material handling. Moreover, fixing the ballast and associated systems is an expensive undertaking.

Ordering Your Signage Illumination Today

Now that you know where you stand in the comparison concerning LED vs. fluorescent lighting for your businesses in San Clemente, it makes sense to give the former a good look. The professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics routinely work with all types of companies to install signage with LEDs or upgrade existing markers from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Contact us today for more information on the process and to get started on your order.

We walk you through the various steps and show you a cost breakdown of the charges that you would incur with LED replacements and service calls. We also show you how much it costs to maintain a sign with fluorescent bulbs.


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