Channel Letters for Strip Mall Retailers San Clemente CA

Channel Letters for Oui Boutique in San Clemente CA

Customers wanting to look good but have fun in the process know to find the Oui Boutique at 415 East Avenida Pico. The venue’s owner describes a visit to the store as “therapeutic.” She works tirelessly to help women overcome false self-images. When this store needed exterior signage for its location, the owner contacted the local experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics.

Channel Letters Make a Great Impression

Channel Letter Signs San Clemente CA

The strip mall setting of the boutique places the business in close competition with other venues. At the same time, it benefits from the foot traffic generated by other companies. To reel in this foot traffic, a building sign needs to stand out but also fit in. Fitting in is easy since the other companies also favor the channel letter setup. Standing out is possible with the design of the marker.

Channel Letters for Strip Mall Retailers San Clemente CA

Our graphic artists succeeded at recreating the company’s online business name display as well as the iconic logo. Channel letter signs for retailers in San Clemente, CA, do best when they mimic the online appearance of the company’s store. Since the majority of shoppers research a company via the Internet before actually visiting the location, it makes sense that providing a level of recognition greatly enhances the comfort of the customer.

What Storefront Sign is Right for You?

The channel letter sign now displays perfectly centered above the boutique’s entryway. Its colors and shape catch the eye. Would this kind of signage solution perform well for your company? While it is entirely possible that channel letters are the ideal display for you as well, you do have other options to consider.

Illuminated Channel Letters San Clemente CA

For example, the companies that operate locations in the historic part of town tend to favor the display of routed or sandblasted blade signs. We can install this product perpendicular to the wall or directly to the building’s façade. The manufacturing technique gives this signage product a somewhat old-world look and feel.

Dimensional letters let you play around with a façade’s spatial dimensions as well as material thicknesses. This can result in dramatic displays that can be lit from various points on the façade with spotlights.

Another sign type that is very popular with retailers is the box cabinet. It allows for the installation of a lighting source that makes the marker stand out after dark. The front of the sign is large enough to not only display the company’s name and logo but also other information such as a tag line or niche explanation. Typical shapes include geometric favorites. That said, it is possible to make the sign look like your logo, which greatly enhances brand awareness among shoppers.

Discussing Your Signage Product with an Expert

If you are thinking of ordering channel letters for strip malls in San Clemente, CA, or are considering the installation of a box cabinet instead, contact our professional graphic artists. We work with you to put together a look that makes you stand out at your location and among the competitors in your niche. We help you to select a look that is in keeping with your online displays. Call us today to get started on the process.

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