Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Building and Lobby Signs Do Brand Your Irvine Business

Any service provider who does not pay close attention to building signage as well as the right lobby marker for the venue will soon find that clients are difficult to come by. Although this sounds a bit like a blanket statement, it exemplifies the attitude of consumers. Shoppers and prospective clients have come to equate excellent building and lobby signs with a company that is here to stay. Pinch pennies there, and soon you are pinching them from necessity.

Signage Done Right

Business owners know that when they invest in signage, they are investing in their businesses. Case in point is First Direct Lending at 15261 Laguna Canyon Road in Suite 200. In the business of serving clients with superior home loan products for virtually all situations, the company pioneers a business model that relies on consumer-oriented professionals who understand the loan business and have the ability to explain it to others in plain English.

Exterior Building Signs Irvine CA

A look at the building before the sign.

When it came time to install one of the eye-catching dimensional letter lobby signs Irvine, CA, consumers respond to so well, the company’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance. Our professionals took in the look of interior and were immediately impressed with the dark focal wall that would hold the marker.

We created a sign that features light colors, which stand out beautifully against the dark backdrop. By choosing a signage material that allows for an increased depth, the marker now doubles as a work of art. This is particularly true of the logo, which features cutouts allowing the dark backdrop to show through. On the exterior, the signage dominates the upper fifth of the façade. Although featuring different colors, which fit in perfectly with the building’s look, the logo and name combination display identical to the lobby product.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Irvine CA

A dimensional letter sign makes such a big difference!

What About Your Lobby Sign?

Does your lobby signage identify you as a hip company that puts customers first? Does it come across as highlighting an outfit on the cutting edge of its niche? Or is it tired, worn out and stuck in the 1970s? The lobby signs Irvine, CA, buyers look for must bespeak the best qualities of your company while incorporating trendy style elements.

Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Custom lobby signs boost branding!

For example, did you know that three-dimensional displays are now among the hottest sellers? When you add some lighting to the mix, you are among the elite group of professionals that is not afraid to push the envelope and turn wall signage into wall art. Our professionals can help you at every step of the way.

  • Match signage. If you already have an exterior building sign, we can construct an identical lobby marker.
  • Incorporate colors. Take a page from the playbook of First Direct Lending, and incorporate a dramatic wall color into your signage design.
  • Rebrand. Bring your company’s look in the 21st century with little more than updated materials and perhaps a tweak to your color selection.

You have so many options that they are too plentiful to list here. Call us today for more information on our signage products and to get started on your order.

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