Lobby Signs

Bring Your Business to Life With Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are sometimes called ‘Impact Signs’ because of their importance in setting an initial tone for clients, guests, and employees.  Effective lobby signs can create a feel of professionalism, competence, creativity, or whatever you want to convey to your visitors as they first enter your space. And although the initial perceptions are taking place on a subliminal level, they are nonetheless an effective component of your overall branding strategy.

Are you looking for signs to place in your lobby? Keep reading to learn more about the impact of lobby signs and the different types of signs you can use to welcome visitors into your establishment.

Lobby Signs That Make an Impact

Lobby signs can make a significant impact on a business because they set the tone for visitors to your facility. A well planned and executed lobby sign can create a welcoming first impression, establish the vibe of your business, and provide helpful guidance so folks can easily find their way. 

And, depending on your business, don’t overlook opportunities to showcase your brand via your lobby signage in visitor selfies, on social media, or as a backdrop during webinars or video conferences. 

Given the importance a lobby sign can have in making a positive first impression, there are many decisions to be made when choosing the right lobby sign for your business. 

Lobby signs come in many different shapes and sizes and a variety of materials. They can run the gamut from a temporary vinyl sign to advertise an upcoming event to highly customized dimensional lettering, with LED illumination behind the receptionist area. 

Every business has different needs, so the array of signage stretches as far as the imagination will allow. Let’s review some of the most popular lobby and directional signage design options. 

Logo Signs Boost Your Brand

In an era where branding is everything, big, bold, unique signs that showcase a company’s logo are the order of the day. Whether a business is the sole occupant of the building or leases a floor or two, they want people to know.

With the wide variety of custom signage options available, you can create a gorgeous lobby sign that will elegantly display your company name, logo, and tagline to position your branding right off the bat. Signs can be made of any material including acrylic, glass, metal, or wood and include interesting dimensional elements that will show off your brand. We can also help you illuminate your signs for maximum visual impact, even when the building lights are off.  

Welcome Banners Greet Your Guests

Church lobbies are a great place to display welcome banners. These are usually made from vinyl and can either hang from the ceiling or in a roll-down display stand.

Vinyl lobby signs are inexpensive, making it easy and cost-efficient to switch them out. Organizations use these banners to welcome guests, advertise guest speakers, and also to promote monthly sermon series.

Vinyl lobby signs for businesses can also be used in any industry to promote a special event. In instances where a company has frequently changing messages for their visitors, vinyl lobby signs are an excellent solution. 

Building Directory Signs Display Your Vibe

Whenever we enter the lobby of an office complex, we immediately look for a receptionist area or a building directory display sign. The directory sign will have the names and locations of all the businesses within the building.

Directory signage can also be used to creatively display the various unique businesses that occupy a building. And don’t think that directory signs need to be all function and no fun. Building signs can be creative and show off the vibe of the businesses in your building. 

Directional signs often comprise metal engraved plates attached to wood, Plexiglass, or metal boards. They are usually mounted to the wall near the elevator banks, or you may notice lobby directory signs mounted on metal poles at the entry of the building. Rest assured, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Reception Signs Make an Impression

If a building has a receptionist or front desk area, there will be some form of signage signifying this is an area to seek assistance. Depending on the prestige of the office, it may be something other than a desk plate that reads the receptionist.

Some reception areas include a half wall surrounding the desk where the receptionist or security personnel are seated, providing ample space to announce the purpose of the space, such as receptionist, security, welcome center, or other. 

The reception area also provides a significant opportunity for visually impactful lobby signs and directional signs that guide your visitors and reinforce your brand. 

Wall Graphics Add Personality 

Wall graphics in a lobby can be used to provide more than directional assistance, they can proudly display your company mission and vision statements or your commitment to safety, quality, and customer service, for all your customers and employees to see. 

Wall graphics can also be more abstract in nature, acting as a conversation piece, be carefully chosen to complement your office decor or even provide a visual timeline of your company history. 

Some functional purposes of a wall graphic in a business office setting include wayfinding assistance and demonstrating different waiting areas in a lobby. For example, in a pediatrician’s office, wall graphics may be used to separate healthy and sick patients in the waiting room, so parents immediately know which waiting area their children should go to.

Directional Signs Guide the Way

Last but not least are lobby directional signs. These include where bathrooms are located, elevators, cafeterias, stairs, and a number of other places or things people are looking for. Directional signs are common when a lobby either has no receptionist or has a lot of traffic.

These lobby navigational signs will be some of the most viewed signs in your building. When we design your lobby signs, we will work with you to ensure they strike an even balance between serving a practical function and setting a welcoming and on-brand first impression for your business. 

Are You Ready to Jazz Up Your Lobby?

At Starfish Signs, we design, create, and install lobby and directional signage that is both beautiful and effective. Our team of experts will help you determine the right materials, including some unique options you may not have thought of before. We will work with you to design a lobby sign to fit your brand and your budget that you will be proud of. 

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