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Brand and Advertise with Polyester Fabric Frame Displays!

Marketing and branding with polyester fabric frame displays in San Clemente, CA, is an attractive alternative to the use of various banner products. You frequently see this signage product at trade shows, convention center venues and in hotel settings when there are banquet and meeting rooms for rent. Why are more and more companies looking to polyester fabric frames for their advertising needs and location branding?

Solid Construction

Polyester Fabric Frame Displays San Clemente CA

The frames for these signage products usually feature sturdy but lightweight aluminum. A typical depth is about an inch. The height and width is customizable, depending on your display needs. It is also possible to mount the material to a specialty wood frame if you prefer. The polyester fabric is wrinkle-free, which ensures a professional presentation that is not marred by unsightly creases. It is opaque knitted with a high thread count, which ensures an ideal canvas for your images.

Versatile Graphics Displays

We rely on polyester that comes in three layers. After all, you do not want to see what is behind the fabric frame when showing off your marketing message. With our high-quality digital printer, we are able to create images with a 720 by 720 resolution, which provides eye-popping graphics with amazing detail rendition. Photos present just as perfectly as graphics and text. Choose a frame that takes up a large part of a wall or opt for one that makes good use of a tall backdrop with a vertical display. Add a light source behind the frame to make your marketing message stand out even more.

Getting the Most out of the Fabric Frame

There really is no wrong way of using this marketing tool. We have worked with business clients who mounted this signage component in a building lobby to advertise individual businesses or their products. Multiple fabric frames with hidden light sources add ambient lighting while showing off your messages. Consider the installation of these frames in conference or training rooms instead of wall graphics.

Within the trade show setting, create visually intriguing areas against your backdrop simply by installing light sources behind smaller frames. The combination of a larger wall and the indirect lighting that shines from behind the frames makes for a look that attendees are not going to forget. By adding this somewhat artistic touch to your booth, you also succeed at drawing more foot traffic to your setup, which of course benefits your overall marketing.

Commissioning Your Polyester Fabric Display

Now that you know how to use polyester fabric frame displays in San Clemente, CA, contact the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics for more information on how to introduce this marketing tool to your setup. Our graphic artists work with you to envision your message on a medium that is as of yet so unusual that it cannot help but catch the eye of the consumer. We prepare sketches that show you the display how a customer would see it, help you to select the right images and work with you on putting together the right message. Call us today to get started.

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