Muse Ceiling Mounted Blade Sign

Blade Signs Help Customers on Foot Locate your Business

Attracting customers on foot takes a totally different approach than attracting customers driving in cars. For one thing, people in cars are passing at a high rate of speed, so there is little time for subtlety and fine print. For another thing, people in cars are seldom very close to the physical businesses when driving on the road, so signs need to be visible from far away.

But when your business is located in a shopping plaza, a strip mall, along a boardwalk, or in a shopping district or main street of a city, optimizing your signage for people on foot is just as important, if not more so. And while many business owners assume that the big sign on the roof or in the parking lot is sufficient, it is really important to have signs attracting, welcoming, and directing people on foot who may be walking right past. This is where blade signs come in handy.

What are Blade Signs?

Blade signs are often mounted near the entrance the wall or ceiling. Blade signs often face perpendicular to the business front so that the sign is in the direct sight line of pedestrians. Imagine the sign on the front of an old-timey tavern—these types of signs have literally existed since medieval times. It makes sense, considering when blade signs were invented, the majority of people were passing by on foot. Some other people, (lawyers in particular) may also refer to hanging up signs like this as “hanging out a shingle,” as a way to let passersby know that you are open for business.


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The Purpose of Blade Signs

In spite of their ancient roots, blade signs are still very valuable to your business today. If people are walking down a busy sidewalk or boardwalk, they may not even turn to look at your window, or notice the big sign on the front of your building. Blade signs face right toward the eyes of pedestrians so they can easily read them as they pass. Also, as opposed to signs that need to be optimized for people in vehicles, there is plenty of room for detail, character, and customization on blade signs—subtext, graphics, fancy fonts and even colors and textures work great on blade signs.

At Starfish Signs, we pride ourselves in creating fully custom signs that both meet the practical needs of clients and simultaneously reflect the business’s character and individuality. We never shy away from a challenge either—if you have a specific shape, texture, or material that you would like to incorporate into your sign, let us know, and our designers will work to meet your expectations. Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration.

Blade signs by themselves aren’t enough to optimize your business. We recommend using blade signs in conjunction with monument signs on the street, illuminated building signs, and window decals to cover all the bases. At Starfish Signs, we create custom signage for all these types of signage and more right here in house. Contact one of our designers to learn more about what we can do for you.