Dimensional letter and logo building signs Irvine CA

Amazing Exterior and Interior Signage Makeover for Freedom Innovations

Located in Irvine, the global headquarters of Freedom Innovations have inspired hope in countless individuals who now benefit from the use of prosthetic devices built specifically for lower limb amputees. Fully cognizant of the life-changing capabilities that this technology brings to the lives of clients, Freedom Innovation experts specialize in the combination of devices and accessories. When it came time for one of the signage makeovers for Irvine, CA, companies ready to appeal to a whole new generation, the business’ management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to stand out.

Going for the Whole Enchilada

Dimensional letter and logo building signs Irvine CA

Dimensional Letter (and logo) Building Sign!

We started with a building sign. Using outdoor-rated foam with acrylic faces, this product is as innovative as the company it proclaims. In addition, the combination of colors makes it easy to recognize the business before you can even read the lettering. For those who are visiting after reviewing the business online, this signage makes wayfinding a snap.

Frosted vinyl window graphics Irvine CA

Frosted Vinyl for the Cubicles!

To beautify the interior, the company decided on frosted vinyl on glass. It makes the cubicles look elegant and attractive. In addition, it provides workers a modicum of privacy as they are going about their workdays. Last, but certainly not least, we installed new lobby signage.

Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Brand Building Lobby Sign!

After discussing the look with the client, it was decided to use one-inch-thick acrylic that we then covered with a polished aluminum laminate. The resulting product is visually stunning and beautifies the space even as it brands the business on its interior. The color selection works well with the setting and – in combination with the furniture – gives it a highly sophisticated appearance.

Why Signage Packages Always Win

Reception area signs Irvine CA

A Fantastic Reception Area Sign!

Our expert signage makers have noticed a trend that is picking up as the years go on. More and more companies select a signage package that embraces multiple elements. In the case of Freedom Innovations, the company opted for a building and a lobby sign as well as the beautification of its interior glass surfaces. This combination has resulted in setting the tone for client experiences as well as expectations.

You can have the same type of success with a concerted exterior and interior signage makeover. Irvine, CA, business owners are discovering that the use of signage combinations allows for the establishment of a whole new look in a short time (and with few steps).

Select complementary components. Lobby and building signs frequently display the same message. Make this work to your advantage by using the same artwork for both markers in slightly different looks. Other such combinations include channel letters and window graphics or the monument marker and poster combo.

Choose your materials. Do you envision the creation of a new atmosphere with metal signage, wall murals or large-scale markers? When you order multiple products, you can change the look of your space virtually overnight.

Decide on a new message. If you intend to change your branding message on a company-wide level, nothings gets this job accomplished faster than allowing us to put together a signage package that reflects the new information. Call us today for more information and to get started on your order.

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