Office Park Monument Signs Laguna Beach CA

Alicia Office Park’s New Monument and Wayfinding Signs in Laguna Hills

Located off the Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills near the I-5 highway, the Alicia Office Park is a vibrant business area. Powerstone Property Management, the management company in charge of this office park, contacted the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics to create the types of office park monument signs for Laguna Hills, CA, that would be noticed and add curb appeal to the property.

Incorporating Signage into an Existing Setting

Monument Signs Laguna Beach CA

After consulting with the client, we manufactured aluminum paneling that we then painted in the colors provided to us by the management company. We used acrylic lettering. The marker that identifies the office park also offers a marketing display for the Auto Club. It features the same font and color setup, displays the iconic logo and overall fits right into the signage display. The other monument displays a similar setup but features push-through lettering that illuminates after dark. It is an excellent example of a monument sign that doubles as a wayfinding product.

Do You Need Office Park Wayfinding Signs in Laguna Hills, CA?

Whether you are situated in Laguna Hills or its surrounding areas, we can help you put together a comprehensive wayfinding package that presents with some out-of-the-box thinking for a unique branding of the property.

Office Park Monument Signs Laguna Beach CA

  • Wall graphics or murals. This signage product attaches to even the roughest surfaces and deepest grout lines. We can make your buildings stand out by including graphics as well as lettering and numbers. Wayfinding and branding have never been easier on your property.
  • Monument signs. Take a page from the playbook of the Alicia Office Park and commission monument signs that rely on metal for a wavelike display of the information. The addition of the logo color, which perfectly complements the hue of the building paint, allows the signage to blend into the overall setting while still standing out with the help of the accent colors.
  • Lettering. Dimensional letters are suitable for all types of settings. The look supports multiple materials, fonts and sizes. Combined with arrows, the lettering allows for excellent wayfinding signage that is easy to attach to a wall.
  • Vinyl window lettering or graphics. Windowpanes are great wayfinding tools, too. Vinyl window graphics add addresses, business names and arrows that point in the directions of the venues most commonly sought by visitors.
  • Post and panel markers. These can be a huge advantage in a busy parking lot. Rather than having a consumer park on the opposite end of the lot, make everyone’s trip a lot less stressful and a lot more convenient by placing post and panel markers that identify the buildings or suite numbers visitors are looking for.

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Talk to our experienced signage professionals today for more information on our monument and wayfinding signs. We look forward to designing a perfect fit for your business that helps you to stand out from the competition while providing clients or customers with practical signage that increases consumer enjoyment of your facility, business park or large office complex.

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