Acrylic Lobby Signs in San Clemente CA

Acrylic Lobby and Suite Signs in San Clemente CA

How do you communicate with visitors to your office and make an excellent first impression in the process? The answer is simple: acrylic lobby signs. For San Clemente, CA, companies, acrylic presents with a wealth of customization options. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most requested materials for lobby and suite signs. What makes this material stand out?

Logo Panels Bring Pizzazz to a Space

Acrylic Lobby Signs in San Clemente CA

The Gutierrez Anderson panel is an excellent example of the pizzazz that a basic acrylic logo panel can bring to your lobby. Featuring a frosted appearance, it presents with a semi-gloss finish. Mounted with offsets, the sign displays the company’s name and logo as well as its niche. This kind of panel is popular and suits virtually any wall size. The majority of our clients prefer clear acrylic panels for this setup but, as you can see, frosted options are also popular. Another alternative is the display of a textured panel. Add your information via digitally imprinted lettering and logo images.

Acrylic Lettering Allows for Display Versatility

Acrylic letter lobby signs in San Clemente CA

Cut letters come in a rainbow of colors or may be adapted to display your customized hue. Depths vary but allow for the use of material up to half an inch thick. If you have a large wall that you would like to cover as much as possible, it is possible to adjust the height of the lettering and the spacing to spread the message. A shiny look and an attachment with silicone gel are other reasons for these letters’ popularly. Case in point is Kimball Orthodontics, which added this kind of signage to a wall surface with grooves.

If you desire a dramatic three-dimensional display, consider the use of an acrylic laminate with a foam body. For a contemporary look that includes the possibility of illumination, we can use standoff mounts that are not visible from the front. They give the illusion of a floating display and allow for the addition of LEDs for illumination.

Why Opt for Acrylic Suite Signs?

Acrylic Suite Signs in San Clemente CA

There are usually three reasons for companies to consider the use of an acrylic suite sign.

  1. It harmonizes with the lobby sign. When both signs consist of panels, feature an offset display or show off any other type of complementary element, the use of this material for the suite sign is ideal. It creates a form of consistency that is appealing.
  2. It complies with building management rules. In many cases, management companies limit the suite signs that businesses may use. This step is taken to ensure a visually cohesive floor display. Acrylic panels are usually permitted.
  3. It makes ADA displays possible. Companies that want to demonstrate their good corporate citizenship will include ADA considerations when putting together this signage. The addition of Braille II and high color contrasts are easy with black lettering on clear acrylic.

Discuss Your Signage Needs with the Experts

Suite signs made of acrylic in San Clemente CA

When you need acrylic suite signs in San Clemente, CA, want to talk through the addition of a lobby marker or simply require more information on this material, talk to our technicians. Contact us today to learn more and to start your project.

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