Our Process

At Starfish Signs and Graphics, a part of what makes us different is our process. We are able to take your new sign or graphic all the way from the vision or inspiration phase to production and installation, and even city permitting. Here are some of the key components of our process.


The Idea and Consultation Phase

Because we specialize in fully customized signs and graphics, this is one of the most important phases of our process. We are open to trying any idea that you might have. And if you aren’t feeling particularly inspired or you aren’t sure what you want in a sign, our designers are happy to talk you through some options and help you come up with an idea. During this phase of the project we’ll prepare a custom proposal that includes your design concept and pricing.

Turnkey Project Management

Many businesses buy signage infrequently, and don’t wish to be bothered with sign criteria and City permits, or with selecting different vendors for design, fabrication, and installation. At Starfish Signs, we’re able to handle the end-to-end project you: vision, permitting research, design, permitting, fabrication, and installation.

Sign Permitting

There is more to getting a new sign than just approving the design. Each city, county, and municipality has its own set of rules and regulations governing exterior sign installation, building permits, and safety. And often times building owners and property managers have stipulations as well. At Starfish Signs and Graphics, we are experts in the matters of permitting and installation. We will handle the entire  permitting process and make sure that your new sign meets all applicable standards and requirements.


Getting a new sign is a big step for your business, and an important part of the process is ensuring the quality of the final product and the satisfaction of our customers. At Starfish Signs and Graphics, our sign production and installation experts take care of installing the sign and making sure it looks fantastic, that all lighting works properly, and most importantly, that you are completely satisfied with the end product.

Upkeep and Satisfaction Guarantee

Our process doesn’t end with the installation. Although signs are intended to be ‘permanent’, they do contain serviceable components including LEDs and power supplies.  We select components with long warranties, but periodically, maintenance and service may be needed.  We’re happy to help you maintain and service  your sign, whether we installed it, or someone else did. And we can also upgrade older signs, from neon or fluorescent lighting to energy saving, low maintenance LED illumination.