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7 Winning Ideas for a Successful Trade Show

You already know to choose your trade shows carefully. Rather than spending a lot of money on representing your company at all of them, you pick and choose to reach your targeted demographic. This allows you to pinpoint your trade show displays and focuses your efforts. Yet what else does it take to make a splash at the venues that you do attend? The experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics have put together a list of seven successful trade show tips for San Clemente, CA.

1. Bring the Tables but not the Chairs

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Lounging around and talking to your staff is tempting during the lulls in the shows. Getting to know other exhibitors is also a fun way to make connections. The problem arises when you remain seated as possible contacts arrive. Set up your tables, remember to spread out the customized throws to generate brand awareness, and then proceed to stand and reach out to consumers, the press and others who approach your booth.

2. Position Yourself as a Presenter

Consumers need to hear what makes your company, product or service different. While there are occasionally panel discussions, you do not have to be an active participant there to be a presenter. Set up your booth for product presentations and actively engage your audience. For those times that you are not present, replay televised presentations. Working a large screen television into the setup of your booth display is easy.

3. Show off Expertise as well as Products

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When you attend a trade show with a new product, you obviously want this item to make a big splash. But focusing every inch of banner, chart and backdrop marketing surface on images of this item could be counter-productive. While you obviously do need to devote some signage space to the product, remember to also highlight your company as an industry insider who has the expertise needed to provide consumers with the right products and services. Leads are more likely to buy from you if they trust you.

4. Trade Show Presentations begin before entering the Venue

Your trade show presentation is more than the sum of your booth setup and signs. Start early – well before the show’s start – to engage consumers via social media. Encourage attendance at the show and advertise give-aways and prizes. Continue this online interactivity with branded iPad stations you place into your booth. Allow consumers online to interact with you live during your show attendance.

5. Give away customized Items Consumers Want

Trade show table throws San Clemente CA

The pen is one of the most overused give-away items currently in use. Choose something that is just as useful but perhaps a step up. Examples include customized tumblers or travel mugs. We can manufacture decals that will remind leads of your company whenever they use the item.

6. Think outside the Box

Far too many trade show attendees forget to commission floor graphics. When you are one of the few to show up with this product, you are certain to stand out and be quite memorable. The same is true for overhead signage. Work with our graphic artists to come up with signs that are not usually seen at the trade show.

7. Be on the cutting Edge of the Trend

Trade show displays and graphics for San Clemente, CA, exhibitions must be on the forefront of the trends – not something that was hip last year. Our graphic artists know what is hot, what is so-so and what has the potential to present with a major wow factor.

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