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5 Reasons to Get Interior Signs for Your Business

While you might think of signs as something you put outside of your business, signs also can be quite useful inside your business. Whether you want to provide directions or merely welcome people to your space, interior signs are a great way to communicate with those around you. And that’s not even the only reason you should add signage to the inside of your business!

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn five reasons to get interior signs for your business.

1. Add A Little Aesthetic Interest to Your Walls

Toilets icon. Public restroom signs with a disabled access symbol

One of the best reasons to introduce interior office wall signs is to create more aesthetic interest inside the space. This is particularly true if you work in an office space with drab walls or a bland color scheme. When people enter your business, they’ll appreciate seeing some bold text or sleek designs breaking up the space.

Even if you need your signs to be instructional or functional, they don’t have to be boring. Consider adding a glass whiteboard to your space for an attractive writing surface or collaborative calendar. You can install them over anything from brick to cement, and you even can incorporate printed artwork for the ultimate beautiful writing surface.

As another option, go with illuminated interior signs for a modern and attractive look. Paired with some ambient lighting in the office space, your business will look anything but cookie-cutter. And this will help you generate return customers!

2. Reinforce Your Brand with Interior Signs

Building a trustworthy brand is an essential part of any business. And it’s vital to build your brand not just with outside customers but also with those working at your company. In other words, you need your employees to understand your brand — and you want anyone who enters your business to buy into it.

Strategic sign placement in your office space can help create brand awareness and even foster brand loyalty. You don’t need to plaster your walls with the company logo everywhere you look, but you do want to choose interior lobby signs that will feature the logo and name clearly and prominently.

In addition to a lobby sign, place a few smaller versions of your logo or mission statement at other points in the office. And if you have any short quotes from testimonials or business mantras, transform those into signs, too. And finally, when you’re working to develop your aesthetic, keep the colors, text, and style consistent with maximizing the potential for brand awareness.

3. Tell People Where to Go

admissions and perioperative / ICU directions sign in a hospitalAre people forgetting where to find the bathrooms or other essential points in your business? Or does everything feel disorganized? If you’re dealing with a lot of confused customers or employees, that might be a sign that you need a sign!

Signs can add aesthetic appeal and be practical all at once. Use visuals, such as a downward-pointing arrow and line drawing of a staircase, in signage that alerts people to a hidden staircase, for instance. Or place arrows leading toward the nearest restroom at the end of the hallway.

When customers enter your business and feel comfortable knowing where to go, that reflects on you. A few helpful interior office signs can go a long way toward establishing your business as professional and organized. And new employees will appreciate the signage, too, as they learn their way around the company.

4. Ensure ADA Compliance and an Inclusive Environment

The Americans with Disabilities Act contains very specific requirements for signage – specifically targeted to blind and vision-impaired individuals. Signs indicating public areas (for example restroom signs, exit, and exit route signs) are required to be ADA-compliant. Business owners may be faced with very significant fines for non-compliance. And even beyond compliance, signs with braille and tactile letters and pictograms help to contribute to an inclusive work environment. So even when not strictly required, many companies use these signs to designate offices, conference rooms, and other storage and utility spaces. And remember that your ADA-compliant signs do not have to be the same boring stock blue color. Custom designs are available, ensuring that the signs are compliant, but still consistent with your overall design aesthetic.

5. Keep Up Morale Around the Office

Putting in a long day at the office can be tiring and deflating — especially toward the end of a long work week. But with a little encouragement, anyone’s workday can be a bit better. You might be surprised to learn that interior office signs can help with this goal!

Illuminated interior signs can add a burst of color intensity and light that could welcome recharge during the day. A sign featuring a mixture of text and imagery will look great and offer your employees some visual enjoyment. People like having something pretty to look at when the midday slump hits.

Or track down some motivational quotes to keep people going throughout the day. A few quotes scattered throughout the office space will help remind everyone why they’re there — and why they should push themselves to do their best work.

Invest in Interior Office Signs

When it comes to office decor, make sure to add interior signs to your list of priorities. With some carefully placed signs, you can build your brand, improve morale, and offer the necessary instructions to help people know where to go. Signs are an easy way to add a clear and attractive form of communication to your office space.

To get started creating the perfect signs for your workplace, contact us, and we can help!