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3 Exterior Signs to Reel in Foot Traffic in San Clemente

Persuading passersby to come in and check out your store or service business is no small feat. When you consider the types of exterior signs allowed in San Clemente, CA, it can seem like a daunting task. That said, our graphic artists routinely work with local business owners who are in need of these signage products. Here are some examples of displays that they have found useful.

Handcrafted Building Signs Create Visual Appeal

Blade Signs for San Clemente CA

Anyone can make a typical box cabinet sign. Because of the restrictions in place in some areas of San Clemente, the majority of our clients are looking for signage solutions that catch the eye of passersby with style design elements that stand out. With the option of displaying hand-cut metal letters, murals painted onto store walls or sandblasted wood signs being installed perpendicular to the wall on basic or ornate hooks, you have plenty of opportunities to make restrictions work in your favor. By displaying signage products that the majority of consumers only see rarely, you ensure that passersby pay attention to your venue.

Making the Most of Window Graphics

Window Graphics for San Clemente CA

Once again, local authorities have something to say about window graphics. It is not possible to follow suit with some commercial establishments in other areas, where an almost unlimited amount of window graphics covers a huge portion of the glass panes. Locally, you may only cover up to 25 percent of the windows with graphics. Once again, it is possible to make the restriction work in your favor. By choosing wisely when commissioning your vinyl window products, you set the stage for amazing window displays that present a feast for the eyes. Passersby stop and step up to the glass to see more. This is a great opportunity for you to turn a passerby into a shopper.

A-Frame and Sidewalk Signs Pique the Curiosity of Shoppers

A-frame and sidewalk signs San Clemente CA

Slow down the foot traffic in front of your business with A-frames and sidewalk signs. The classic board design fits right into the overall mood of the area. In addition, these signs let you give a glimpse of the products and services that are available inside. Without giving away too much information, you pique the interest of passersby. Before long, they enter your business to find out more.

Ordering Recommended Exterior Signs for San Clemente, CA

Discuss your signage needs with our experienced graphic artists. After having worked with the local business community for a while, we are familiar with the signage products that officials will issue permits for – and which products they decline to allow. Our experts do not waste your time with sketches of signs that are unlikely to pass muster. Instead, we help you to see how the restrictions and signage recommendations for the area work in your favor.

Turning a perceived disadvantage into an advantage is easier than you think. Before you commission your next exterior sign, talk through your product needs with our pros. We show you how to combine markers for maximum effect and how to display your brand to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Contact us today to find out more about the process.

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