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10 Vital Sign Design Tips for Every Business

Are you in need of a new sign design?

One of the ways to make your business noticeable is to have a brand identity that stands out. Of the different ways to do this, having proper signage is a great way to do so. Business signage will do the marketing for you once you have a great design nailed down.

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Signage and graphic design are an essential part of every marketing strategy. It’s what allows you to attract the attention of the customers who see them. With many businesses doing the same, creating a unique design is essential to help your brand stand out from the rest.

How do you do this, though? These are the ten design tips you need for your business. Read below and create a stand-out design to catch your demographic’s attention today!

1. Make Sure It’s Readable

When you put up your wall and window signs, check if the sign is easy to read. The legibility of your sign design is your ultimate tool and will ensure that your sign is effective. Before you add fonts, shapes, and colors, you have to make sure it’s readable.

You can ensure that your sign is readable by creating contrast with the color. Making your words pop out will make them easier to read, even at a distance.

2. Use the Right Font

When designing your signage, it’s essential to use the right font. Avoid using over-decorated fonts as they can distract from the tone you’re setting as a brand. Use simple and clean fonts instead, and make sure they’re working to help you convey the tone you want to convey.

The point of using clean fonts is to ensure consistency in the design. When your font is consistent, it makes it easy to read and catches the reader’s attention.

You can use two types of fonts, but it’s always better to use one for consistency purposes. This way, it doesn’t feel distracting to the reader.

3. Use the Right Shapes

Using creative shapes in your design is an excellent way to attract customers. This is because they create contrasting elements that excite the reader’s mind.

When choosing shapes to include in your signage, it’s best to go for geometric and organic ones. These add elements that are contrasting but aren’t wild enough to overwhelm the viewer.

Aside from contrast, they also make sure that your design stays consistent. This makes the information you want to stand out easy to process from the reader’s perspective.

4. Place the Signs in the Right Locations

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Where you place the business signage affects its ability to attract customers. It won’t matter if you have a readable and attractive sign if no one can’t see it. Place it in areas of your business where it’s easy to see and free from obstructions.

You can test if the sign is effective by doing a road test. Do a drive-by to test if your sign is understandable from a distance. This is a vital step in sign marketing if you want to place it along the roads and highways.

5. Keep the Message Short

The average reader has a short attention span depending on their activities. If you expect your target audience to get the message you are trying to relay, you need to keep your message short and concise.

Avoid cluttering your message and communicate with your signage concisely. Use as few words as possible and make sure to edit them. Eliminate the fluff and focus on the message that you need to stay.

It’s also best to avoid lengthy messages. It will make it harder to read since it will exhaust the reader faster than a short, simple, and catchy message.

6. Contrast With Colors

Colors help you make a good sign great. These elements can help your sign become eye-catching and memorable. This is because specific colors have psychological effects on whoever sees them.

How to design a sign using colors? The best way to do so is by using contrasting colors. As mentioned above, contrasting colors will help your message pop and be more noticeable among the other signs in the area.

7. Highlight the Benefits

When making concise messages, don’t forget to highlight the benefits. The contents of your sign should tell your customer why they need to give you a try. Customers are easy to attract when you mention the benefits right away.

One way to be effective in doing this is by using augmented reality. This is no longer tech used only for videogames, and businesses can also use it to engage with potential customers.

Incorporating technology into your signage is a great way to market your brand nowadays.

8. It’s All About You

Aside from letting the customer know the benefit of availing of your services, don’t forget to remind them that you care for them. Use the words like “you” and “your” to pertain to your customers. This allows you to build a caring relationship in their minds.

Text on vintage black sign "Come in we're open" in cafe.

This helps the customer visualize themselves using the product. At the same time, you make customers feel valued. It’s a simple way of creating a personalized effect for your customers.

9. Create a Call to Action

Your sign needs to encourage your customers to act now. A situation that creates a sense the urgency drives customers to act now and do the action. A practical example is “Buy one now” since it entices readers to take action immediately.

10. Don’t Bore Your Customers

A sign that’s straight to the point and relays your messages is the best. However, some will find it boring. This makes it essential to balance your signs with quality and entertainment.

The best way to do this is to add a sense of humor and wordplays to your sign. It attracts attention and shows potential customers that you’re a fun brand, too. This is also good publicity as it’s now easy to go viral for a witty and clever sign.

Improve Your Sign Design Today!

Signage does wonders for your business as they improve your advertising campaigns. Evaluate your sign design strategies and avoid dull business signs today!

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